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One bowl doesn’t fit all: Choosing the correct size bowl

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Did you know that it is estimated that there over a million different bowls available in the world? There are around 20 different models with three categories of wide swinging bowls, mid bias bowls and narrow running bowls.

Wider swinging bowls are most commonly used outdoors and for short mat, and narrow for front end players indoors, while mid bias is the most popular type of bowl used.

Bowls vary from size 0000 (112mm) to the biggest size 5 (127mm), with nine sizes available, and each with its own grip. So, different models, weights, sizes, grips and colours means lots of choice…not to mention emblems!

In practice, all bowls are suitable for all greens and it really is about finding the right bowl for you! Potters Bowls Shop help thousands of people every year choose the right bowl for them. Having the correct size bowl is the most important thing you can do and it can last you a lifetime.

Here is our guide to getting the right bowl…

  • As a general guide, place your hands around the belly of the bowl until the second fingers meet at the top and the two thumbs touch at the bottom. Providing they just meet and do not overlap, or there is no gap between the second fingers or thumbs, this is generally considered to be the right size. If there is a gap then it is too big and if there is an overlap it is too small
  • The best thing you can do though is to get a bowl in your hand, and go on the bowling green and try it out yourself! It really is about trial and error before you commit to buying
  • If you feel that you aren’t controlling the bowl very well, going down a size can help you have more control
  • As you get older you can’t hold or control the bowl as well so you need to check your size
  • Junior bowls sets are also available on Resort, so it is never too early to start!
  • Potters Bowls Shop is open all year round, and welcomes people calling or emailing ahead to arrange to see someone or to make sure a particular bowl is in stock. There is no obligation to buy

Greg told us that he has nine Henselite Tiger, Tiger Evo, Tiger PRO and Tiger II bowls sets in size 4 heavy grip series C in a mixture of red and green.