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“It was always a dream to work at Potters” - Meet bowls shop assistant, Abi

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Abi Wall is our friendly Potters Bowls Shop assistant and we caught up with her for a chat…

How are you getting on?

Really well thank you. I am loving meeting all the guests and giving them advice whenever I can on buying their next set of bowls and showing them some of our accessories. I always try and answer the phone first when reception or the Pop in Shop calls so I can go down first to help! Just this week we have been sending 50 bowls carriers to Canada as they say they are the best ones they have had. It’s such a lovely team too, so I feel really lucky.

Do you play bowls?

Yes, I love it. In January we were at every one of the Just 2019 World Indoor Bowls Championship days, except for the Open Singles Final as we couldn’t get tickets. I also play and we are looking at joining a local bowls club so we can play together in the evenings and weekends with my mum, dad and my sister’s boyfriend, Dan, who works in the restaurant at Potters.

Do you think it helps that you also know Potters well?

Yes, I think it does as I used to come as a guest for 12 years with my family. In fact, we relocated from Essex to Hopton-on-Sea as we love Potters so much and it was always a dream to work at Potters!

Plus, I know a lot of the team and I worked in the Pop in Shop and restaurant before moving to the bowls shop. Now I work here, I see how hard the whole team works!

Knowing the Resort from a guest’s perspective and having a passion for bowls, definitely helps me in my role in the Potters Bowls Shop. Plus, our office looks out over the International Arena where the Championships are held, so I’m looking forward to having some of the best seats in the house to watch the action!

Who is your favourite bowls player?

Obviously Greg and not just because he is my boss!

What bowls do you play with?

A purple Taylor Blaze set.