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Greg wins Scottish International Open final and does a cartwheel to celebrate!

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Greg Harlow beat Jason Greenslade in a tense tie-break on Saturday to win the Scottish International Open for a second time.

Greg ran away with the first set, winning five of the last six ends for an 11-4 success. Jason Greenslade, from Wales, then won the next 8-6 at the Dewar's Centre in Perth.

Tie break time and first end Greenslade put one close and Harlow could not shift it. Harlow then took shot at end two and we go into a third end. Harlow led well and left Greenslade having to play into the head. He did and the jack went into the ditch with one of Harlow’s bowls close to the edge. Harlow fell short. Greenslade played through at Harlow’s shot bowl and missed. Greg Harlow is the 2015 Co-operative funeralcare Scottish International Open Winner.

Harlow, who did a cartwheel to celebrate his victory, said: "It's a longer format in the final, so you need to pace yourself and try not to play too much risky stuff early on. There was really nothing between us. I just got a break of two or three ends in the first set. The second set, I'm desperate to win 2-0 because I know how deadly he is in a tie-break. To leave anyone with a shot for a take-out, I'm thinking it's Jason's, so there was relief at the end as it slipped past wide. The game went pretty much as I thought, we both draw well, we both convert well, and then it was down to the last bowl on the last end. One of us will be happy and the other left scratching their head."

Congratulations Greg!