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Adapting your bowls game from indoors to outdoors

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There are around 200 artificial outdoor greens in the UK and 4,000 grass greens, and the outdoor bowls season is from April to September.

If you play indoor bowls and want to start playing lawn bowls, then you will need to adjust your game. We asked our Potters Bowls Shop team for some tips on how to play at your best outdoors...

1.In April and May the grass may be green and lush, but the greens are heavy, so make sure you double your pace to deliver the bowl.

2.Stand more upright in your stance and have a quicker delivery action

3.Change the angle that your feet are pointing, and point straight down the green

4.Have a handy cloth to hand to keep the bowl dry, and a glove or gripping agent, as everything becomes slippery if it is damp

5.Once a game starts look at the lines on the grass, which acts as a guide

6.Be well equipped for all weathers, with sun visors, caps and water proofs for any temperamental weather. When you are indoors you only need a shirt and trousers!

7.At the start of the game, just attack the jack to get past it

We asked Andy Thomson MBE for his advice on adjusting your game from indoor to outdoors. Here’s his advice…

“You have to get used to the greens being heavier outdoors. Personally I don’t change my delivery but just quicken up the action by throwing the bowl harder. The great David Bryant CBE used to change his style and would crouch when he delivered a bowl indoors, and semi-crouch when outdoors so he was a bit higher.”

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