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A chat with Open Singles Circuit Grand Final 2018 winner, Martin Puckett

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A massive congratulations to Martin Puckett, from Weymouth, who has defended the Open Singles Circuit 2018 Grand Final Title at Potters. In the final he beat James Rippey 9-0, 5-4, and Martin really is a rising bowls star.

We caught up with Martin for a brief chat before the final…

What has been your career highlight to date?

Winning the Open Singles Circuit is a wonderful achievement, but representing England in the senior internationals for the last few years is such an honour and it is dream to play for your country. I am really proud of that.

What first got you into playing bowls?

My grandparents love the sport and got me into playing. I started at the age of 12 and I really enjoy the sport, and it is something I know I will be able to play for years to come…there’s not many sports like that!

What did your friends say when they first heard you were playing bowls?

Well the image of bowls isn’t always that great, but I think it is getting better. You only have to turn on the TV and watch the Just Indoor Bowls Championships every year to see that the younger generation is really enjoying and excelling at the sport. That’s the best thing really, that it is loved by all ages.

What is your top bowls tip?

Practice is the way to get better so do as much of it as you can! I try and play three or four times a week, and play both indoors and outdoors. Also play with good players so you can learn and enhance your own game.

Do you get on with the other players?

Yes, we get to know each other well throughout the year playing in different tournaments. I’ve been to the World Indoor Bowls Championships a few times now and both times in the singles I lost to Greg on a tie break!

What is your bowl of choice?

Taylor Ace bowls.

A massive congratulations to Martin for defending his title, and we will see everyone again next year at the Open Singles Circuit Grand Final.