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6 reasons why you should keep your lawn bowls clean...

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Keeping your Lawn Bowls polished and clean is very important to your indoor bowls and outdoor bowls game, here's 6 reasons why you should keep your lawn bowls clean.

1. You have more control and a better grip of the bowl, allowing you to play better.

2. It will preserve the running surface, meaning that they will continue to perform as they should for a longer time.

3. It will help looking brand new, meaning you can sell them for a better price when the time comes for an upgrade.

4. If you use Grippo, or anything similar, you will need to clean this off to avoid picking up excess dirt

5. If you play outdoors, mud, sand and an array of other 'muck' may get stuck to your bowls, if you leave this on there it will not only affect your play, but if there is contact with another bowl it could cause damage to your bowl.

6. Professionalism, professional athletes don't turn up with dirty equipment, and neither should you. 

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