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Bowl a winner with our 11 indoor bowls tips

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Greg Harlow and Daniel Seabourne from Potters Bowls Shop share their indoor bowls tips …

1.Get the correct size bowl. Make sure you try before you buy and for the best advice go to an experienced bowls specialist, who can help you. As a general guide, place your hands around the belly of the bowl until the second fingers meet at the top and the two thumbs touch at the bottom. Providing they just meet and do not overlap, or there is no gap between the second fingers or thumbs, this is generally considered to be the right size

2.In your stance always point your feet in the direction you want the bowl to go, rather than straight down the rink

3.Have a slow and well balanced delivery. An Aussie saying is to ‘go low, go slow’, which will ensure a smooth delivery, so make sure you keep low at the moment of release and during the follow-through

4.Adjusting weight – to increase weight, stand more erect on the mat, take a longer back swing and a longer first step. To decrease the weight, lower your centre of gravity by crouching lower, which forces a shorter back-swing and a shorter first step

5.Wear comfortable shoes as you can be playing for a long time

6.When releasing the bowl, try to put your middle fingers on the centre of bowl as it will help with a smooth delivery. If they are too wide or your little finger is too high, it can cause the bowl to wobble

7.Hold your stance after delivering a bowl as some people run off the mat and drop the bowl short

8.Visualise the line that you are going to send your bowl down

9.Watch every bowl so that you learn from everything you do, which will help improve your game. Don’t turn your back on any bowl!

10.Test yourself – occasionally play at a level above where you are so that you can learn

11.Learn how to control the jack, and take care with the grip and delivery.