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Scotland retain the title as the Test Matches conclude...

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As Scotland retain the test match title it has certainly been a couple of days of quality, first class and skilled bowls play.

The England Team of; Nick Brett (Huntingdon), Jamie Chestney (Exonia), Mark Dawes (Blackpool Newton Hall), Greg Harlow (City of Ely), Robert Paxton (Taunton Deane), Jamie Walker (Kingsthorpe).

The Scotland Team of; Stewart Anderson (Blantyre), Ronnie Duncan (Midlothian), Paul Foster MBE (Prestwick Ambassador), David Gourlay (Prestwick Ambassador), Alex Marshall MBE (East Lothian), Colin Walker (Midlothian).

With England off to a good start, claiming both of the opening triples matches.Scotland regathered their thoughts and stormed ahead in the pairs, taking the lead ending yesterdays play – Scotland 3. England 2

Robert Paxton (Taunton Deane), Nick Brett (Huntingdon), Greg Harlow (City of Ely

Ronnie Duncan (Midlothian), David Gourlay (Prestwick Ambassador), Alex Marshall MBE (East Lothian)

Result - England 2pts Scotland 0pts

Mark Dawes (Blackpool Newton Hall), Jamie Walker (Kingsthorpe), Jamie Chestney (Exonia)

Colin Walker (Midlothian), Stewart Anderson (Blantyre), Paul Foster MBE (Prestwick Ambassador)

Result - England 2pts Scotland 0pts

Robert Paxton (Taunton Deane) Nick Brett (Huntingdon)

Stewart Anderson (Blantyre), Paul Foster MBE (Prestwick Ambassador)

Result - England 0pts Scotland 2pts

Mark Dawes (Blackpool Newton Hall) Jamie Chestney (Exonia)

Ronnie Duncan (Midlothian), Colin Walker (Midlothian)

Result - England 0.5pt Scotland 1.5pts

Jamie Walker (Kingsthorpe), Greg Harlow (City of Ely)

David Gourlay (Prestwick Ambassador), Alex Marshall MBE (East Lothian)

Result - England 0pts Scotland 2pts

As day two began so did the true show of skill.Consistent bowls from Anderson overcame Chestney .A controlled match by Foster, ended in a tie break as Nick tried to hold his own.

An excellent match with Greg taking the first set and Alex the second saw a cut-throat tie break.Andy Thomson MBE, who was commentating on the match said the tie break saw ‘one of the best bowls ever on TV’.Marshall ditched the jack with his first bowl in the tie break, making it almost impossible for Harlow to draw the shot and win the point.

Another close battle saw a tie break between Paxton and Gourlay with Scotland’s Gourlay taking the point. Next, we saw a dominant performance from Jamie Walker, who was able to pull back a point for the England team. The 11th match saw just one tight set played, which Walker edged in front, taking the last point for Scotland.

Jamie Chestney (Exonia)

Stewart Anderson (Blantyre)

England 0pts Scotland 2pts

Nick Brett (Huntingdon)

Paul Foster MBE (Prestwick Ambassador)

England 1pt Scotland 2pts

Greg Harlow (City of Ely

Alex Marshall MBE (East Lothian)

England 1pt Scotland 2pts

Robert Paxton (Taunton Deane)

David Gourlay (Prestwick Ambassador)

England 1pt Scotland 2pts

Jamie Walker (Kingsthorpe)

Ronnie Duncan (Midlothian)

Result - England 2pts Scotland 0pts

Mark Dawes (Blackpool Newton Hall)

Colin Walker (Midlothian)

Result - England 0pts Scotland 1pt

Which concluded this years matches.Scotland 8.  England 3.  As Scotland lift the trophy for 4th time in 5 years.

The EIBA Test Matches continue...

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England conquer Wales

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The test match is on…

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Dan helps England secure U25 win

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