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Heading back indoors: Tips for adapting your bowls from outdoors to indoors

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Bowl everyone over when you head back indoors after the outdoor season finishes, with our top tips…

1.Widen your stance and point your feet out, and half your pace. Slow down and go lower to achieve a smooth delivery

2.If you're playing on away greens, follow the opposition on the first few ends. Bowls greens aren't all level and home players will know the best hands to play

3.Practice makes perfect - Bowlers get swamped with advice, but certain techniques work for different people, and there is no definitive right way to play. Listen to tips but find your own way through practice

4.Get your grip right – Hold your bowl in your wrong hand and place your bowling hand over it with your middle finger down the centre. Then turn the bowl back over into your bowling hand

5.On trial ends don't always bowl to the full length of the jack. Try at least one short jack to give you a better idea of the pace of the green

6.Remember, coming from outdoors you won't need as quick a delivery, as the indoor green will have a quicker momentum than slower grass greens

7.And here's a top tip from Ellen Falkner: "Play with and against as many better players as you can"

8.Make sure that you also practice on your own as you’ll play more bowls and it is something that most professional bowlers make sure they do

9.Watch where your first bowl finishes and then make adjustments. 

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